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Theory of knowledge//TOK prescribed titles (MAY 2023)

Instructions to candidates

• Your theory of knowledge essay must be written on one of the six essay titles (questions) provided overleaf. These essay titles take the form of knowledge questions that are focused on the areas of knowledge. You may choose any of the titles but are recommended to make your choice in consultation with your teacher.

• Your essay will be marked according to the assessment instrument published in the theory of knowledge guide. Examiners will be looking to see that you have provided a clear, coherent and critical exploration of your chosen title.

• Examiners will mark your essay against the title as set. It is very important that you respond to the title exactly as given and do not alter the title in any way. Please note that any quotations that appear in the titles are not necessarily authentic. They will present a real point of view but may not be direct quotations.

• Your theory of knowledge essay must be submitted to your teacher for authentication. Any external sources used must be acknowledged and should be cited according to a recognized convention.

• Your theory of knowledge essay should be written in standard size 12 font and be double spaced. It must be a maximum of 1600 words.

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